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Earres is a Danish sustainable clothing brand offering earth responsible garments, ethically crafted by meeting high transparency & integrity while being sustainable to the environment.

Cashmere being one of the softest fibers in the world, keep us warm and comfortable during the summer nights and the cold winter months. With the use of solely natural GCS-certified cashmere, Earres garments have no artificial materials, dyes, or chemicals involved.

The goal of Earres is to re-define fashion in a sustainable and ethical manner, touching the environment as little as possible but touching human lives as much as possible.

Core Values of Earres


Our Founder

The Founder of Earres, Ida Earres, is a Danish sustainability entrepreneur with a heart for the people, the animals, and the earth. She has been involved in multiple social initiatives, sustainable and humanitarian projects.

"My goal is to redefine fashion in a sustainable and ethical approach, and to create and inspire for a business model where ecology, ethics, and economy can go hand in hand without compromising each other." - Ida Earres

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Proud Partner of GCS

Earres is a certified partner of The Good Cashmere Standard®. The standard is administered by the German Hamburg based Aid By Trade Foundation (AbTF) founded by Prof. Dr. Micheal Otto in 2005.

In view of the current discussion about the welfare of the cashmere goats, The Good Cashmere Standard® improves the cashmere production on many levels. It covers both the welfare of animals, the protection of nature and the working conditions of farmers and farm workers. It has been developed in close collaboration with animal-rights specialists and independent cashmere-production experts.

Photo Credit: Michaela Kuhn

Being Sustainable Is Not A Trend,
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