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Earres is a Danish sustainable clothing brand offering earth responsible garments, ethically crafted by meeting high transparency & integrity while being sustainable to the environment.

Earres is created with roots in four social and environmental values. With the belief that developing a sense of responsibility towards the earth, is the key to live in harmony with nature, every item is sourced, crafted, and sold, with sustainability in heart and ethics in hands.

With the use of solely natural GCS-certified cashmere and organic cotton fibers, no artificial materials, dyes, or chemicals are involved.

Our cashmere offerings are made from yarn certified by the independent sustainable cashmere standard, The Good Cashmere Standard® [GCS]. The cashmere is sustainably produced and collected in close collaboration with animal-protection specialists and independent cashmere-production experts. The certification stands for sustainably certified cashmere from farms where goats are treated responsibly, where the environment is protected, and working conditions of cashmere farmers and farmworkers are improved.

By sourcing organic cotton from Chetna Organic in India, we aim to improve farmers' livelihood options and be part of making organic farming a sustainable and profitable, and safe occupation. Chetna’s projects are an opportunity for the farmers of rural areas of India, avoiding forced mass-migration to the cities. From Chetna, we are ensured high-quality organic cotton with 100% transparency, a healthy working environment, and a fair wage for farmers.

In a fast-paced globalized world, re-thinking of fashion is needed. The clothing which we all share as a common factor of life is now becoming one of the greatest environmental and humanitarian issues. Therefore the significance of creating an earth-responsible and ethical way of fashion is vital. For this to happen we must start with ourselves as individuals by living our lives in a more mindful and eco-conscious way, also the way we dress up.

The goal of Earres is to re-define fashion in a sustainable and ethical manner, touching the environment as little as possible but touching human lives as much as possible. We strive to inspire with a business model where ecology, ethics, and economy can go hand in hand together, without compromising each other.

Ida Earres
Founder, Earres

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