Earres Bliss Collection

Being deeply involved with the simplest aspect of our life, we will see that every part is spectacular. Reflecting life in its simplest form, Bliss is mirroring how life truly happens with involvement in the simplistic aspects of life, which makes life unfold at this moment.

In the pursuit of happiness, our lives have been disrupted by chasing involvement, satisfac- tion, and bliss. This has com- plicated the most fundamental and most simple aspects of it. Bliss is a reminder for the im- mersement in this moment. Happiness and blissfulness happen not in chasing involve- ment or as a result of a partic- ular activity or achievement, but out of absolute engagement with life, being involved in ev- ery process.

The collection offers timeless designs created from 100% nat- ural & sustainable cashmere, certified under the sustainable cashmere standard, The Good Cashmere Standard®. The selec- tion is a reflection that bliss can come of simplistic involvement in life. Hence, reflected in time- less designs, made with grace and compassion for all, while being ethical to the animals, people, and sustainable to the environment.

Earres Beyond Collection

Feel the physical counterpart of the moment where the horizon melts and the ocean mingles with the sky. One and same, but in diverse substantial forms. The light softness dissolves and a sense of oneness arises.

Combining the creation and that what is yet to be created, Beyond is a reflection of the eternal possibilities of existence. As a reflection of the deeper reality of existence, life unfolds the playfulness of the elements in its transformative alchemy. A drama of the elements, where everything is related and circulates as a consequence of the delightful substantial transformation of the 5 components, fire, water, air, earth, and ether.

Beyond reflects the playfulness of life and nature, mingling in a performance of time & energy. The design is an acknowledgment of the unknown aspects of existence, as a celebration of the presence of unknownness. The collection offers colorful creations crafted from 100% GOTS- Certified Organic Cotton sourced from Chetna Organics. The offerings are crafted in Greece, a country of mythology of the elements, mirroring the fire, water, air, earth, and ether of life.