Who said Cashmere can’t be worn in summer? In 2019 Earres entered the Oceanian continent Australia proving that cashmere can also be worn in a warm climate. The launch was done in the multicultural city of Sydney at the fashion trade fair Sydney Retail Festival, in September 2019. 

The trade show is a premium fashion trade event, inviting exhibitors and buyers from all areas of the fashion industry to create a network, attend inspiring speeches from various sides of the clothing industry. The fair gave time for establishing and showcasing our current latest cashmere offerings. Both local and international brands were participating in the event, which gave a wonderful opportunity to connect and network in a local and international scale. 

During the event, Earres has the opportunity to network with national and international brands, specialty store owners, designers, and many others. 

We got an incredibly positive response to Earres products as well as our concept and values. 

As the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world’s industries, Australians are taking part in wanting to change, with more and more interest in sustainable fashion and an increase in conscious fashion trends throughout the continent. While the Australian fashion scene is becoming increasingly oriented towards environmentally friendly clothing, many boutiques, store owners, designers, and icons in the Oceanian fashion world, showed great potential and interest in Earres, our values, concept, and compassion.