EARRES is now officially a certified partner of The Good Cashmere Standard®. The standard is administered by the German Hamburg based Aid By Trade Foundation (AbTF) founded by Prof. Dr. Micheal Otto in 2005. 

AbTF developed a new standard for sustainable cashmere. In view of the current discussion about the welfare of the cashmere goats, the increasing demand for transparency and corporate responsibility, the foundation is thus taking a timely and necessary step. The Good Cashmere Standard® improves the cashmere production on many levels. 

It covers both the welfare of animals, the protection of nature and the working conditions of farmers and farm workers. It has been developed in close collaboration with animal-rights specialists and independent cashmere-production experts.

Farmers and buying stations for cashmere wool in Inner Mongolia are certified only if proven to be in compliance with the standard’s criteria. The cashmere farmers first complete a comprehensive series of questions on their livestock-keeping practices. Based on these results, independent third parties visit their farms to verify the proper implementation of the standard. 

The standard is starting off with 4,000 farmers in the region of Inner Mongolia in northern China, where cashmere goats are kept by settled farmers rather than roaming broad pastures with nomadic herders. GCS’s goal is to improve the welfare of cashmere goats, the lives of the farmers, and the condition of the environment in which they live.

GCS has a Cashmere Tracking System (CATS), which tracks cashmere orders as they are fulfilled through the supply chain, from the CP (Cashmere Producer) to the RB (Retail/Brand). The system is triggered by orders from RBs and includes all partners in the supply chain fulfilling GCS orders.

Cover Photo Credit: Erdos Cashmere Group