Our Initiatives

Creating a world where humans live in harmony with nature.

Peace Cashmere

It is important to distinguish between large-scale commercialized cashmere production and cashmere as a livelihood for herder communities. Earres has taken the initiative and invented the term Peace-Cashmere, which is cashmere, practiced with dignified care, and respect for goats and people involved. All Earres cashmere products are handcrafted from cashmere sourced directly from small farm-and herder communities in Mongolia and the Himalayan regions of Nepal, each with a unique story of origin. We started with our initiative of peacecashmere.com.


Organic Cotton

All our organic cotton is sourced directly from Chetna Organic in India. Chetna works with more than 25.000 small and medium scale farmers for improving their livelihood options and making organic farming a sustainable and profitable and safe occupation. They work in multiple projects for enhancing the livelihood, education, and quality of life for farmers. By sourcing organic cotton from Chetna, we are ensured for high quality GOTS certified organic cotton with 100 % transparency, a healthy working environment, and a fair wage for farmers.

Tree Plantation

Earres is not about a particular brand or a company, but an initiative towards developing a sense of responsibility towards the earth. One way of taking this responsibility is to restore nature and replenish the environment in the areas where we get our raw materials. Therefore we have partnered with tree-planting initiatives around India, with which we work in close collaboration. For every item sold we plant two trees. One for you, and one for your loved one.


Women Empowerment

Earres clothing is carefully crafted by women of Nepal. We work with a local 100% woman-run organization of Nepal, Woman Skill Development Organization (WSDO). The organization gives non-educated women from outcast societies of Nepal an opportunity to work. By the clothes made for Earres, they are provided a platform for independently sustaining themselves, feel worthwhile, and express themselves through their creative skills.

EcoTunes Podcasts

EcoTunes is a podcast channel where we explore and inspire eco-conscious ways of life. Implementing an eco-friendly mindset into our daily life can be the key to fundamental changes in our current system. We see to inspire and educate our audience by publishing podcasts that would inspire eco-conscious ways of eating, clothing & living. See more on ecotunes.org


Hand Made

We live in a high educational culture where the compulsory educational system is resulting in the loss of incredible intelligence handicrafts around the world. We attempt to empower those people who hold the skills of handcraft by empowering the woman who is gifted with these. The important aspect is the intelligence of their hands which can create things we could never imagine possible. In the handmade products, their story is transferred to the garment. Every piece is unique and has a certain human and loving vibrance to it. This is something we can never experience with a garment that has been created by a computer and come out of a machine.